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We @ Superhero Capital can say it with honesty: been there, done that. Yes, we’ve been around the block, and know the tricks of the trade. It takes determination, creativity, and humbleness to make it. Not to mention a little stubbornness, guts and a truckload of good luck. And maybe a couple of dragons. The ones who have it are a rare breed. But just the breed we’re looking for.

If you have the vision, we don’t care about your education, passport, sex or credentials. What we care about is your ability to execute and get results. Come as you are; the underdog, the John Doe… or Jon Snow – as long as you have the will to change the world and skills to find like-minded people to help, you could be the one. We are always looking for the next Superhero.

What we offer goes beyond capital. We have a large network of investors, industry experts and other magicians. We invest in the fantastic, great people in the area of b-to-b software and services, including Health Tech, Fintech, IoT, Business SW, SaaS and various others. We want our teams to reach global domination while also changing the world for the better.

We typically come in early. You might have revenue, you might not. Our initial investments range from 100 K€ to 500 K€. So Seed -phase it is. We are in the North – so you should be too. But not beyond The Wall. You will find us at Maria 0-1 ( in downtown Helsinki.

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