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Founders are Superheroes

If you have the vision, we don’t care about your education, passport, sex or credentials. What we care about is your ability to execute and get results. Whether you’re Wonder Woman or Deadpool – come as you are – as long as you have the will to change the world and skills to find like-minded people to help, you could be the one. We are always looking for the next Superhero team.

We are Alfred

Superhero Capital is to founders what Alfred is to Batman; the help from behind the scenes. We have a large network of investors, industry experts and other Alfreds here to support you. Our main focus is on B2B software and services including health tech, fintech, IoT, SaaS and various others. We want our Superheroes to reach global domination while also changing the world for the better.

We Typically Come In Early

You might have revenue, you might not. Our initial investments range from €200k to €500k – so seed phase it is. Our Superhero Cave is in the North and you should be too. You will find us at Maria 01 in downtown Helsinki.

Are You The Next Superhero?

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Doctor Data

Doctor Data

Fund admin

Legal wizard

PhD. financial accounting

Loves numbers and has killer moves on the dancefloor.


Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful

Head of investment process

exVC @ Holtron & Conor

SW sales in 50+ countries

Loves passionate entrepreneurs and hates bad pitches.


The Flash

The Flash


Captain of Startup Sauna

MSc. Entrepreneurship

Has endless late night discussions with entrepreneurs about "the why".


The Alchemist

The Alchemist

CTO of the year 2015

Founder of Eniram

Deep tech expert
Turns data into treasure.

Superhero Cave