August 10, 2018

Your Startup is NOT Worth 10M€

As a VC, I often get asked about valuation of startups. It is also a topic that we @ Superhero frequently end up discussing with entrepreneurs. But is it so important? It kind of is. Those who have studied in business school are well aware of different valuation models like discounted cashflow (dcf), dividend discount (ddm) and comparative models (cm) to name a few. However, these are aimed for analysis of established companies with traceable history and therefore usually do not work with startups.

May 11, 2018

Investor Readiness – Do´s And Dont´s

So you are an entrepreneur and want to get funded by angels or VC´s. Sounds straightforward. Except that it is not. As a VC, I see hundreds of teams every year and only a handful of them truly understand what it means to be ready for investment. I thought I would share some light into this complex issue from the VC perspective. I hope anyone who reads this would do the same. So here we go…