The Boring Stuff

Here's an overview of The Boring Stuff about our fund for those true Superheroes who want to dig a little deeper.

Superhero Venture Fund 2015 Ky was founded in 2015 to invest in the next Superhero founders. The size of our fund is 20MEUR.

We don't invest in technology, we invest based on the characteristics and qualities of the founders and the team. We love founders that are insight-driven, meaning they make decisions based on data gained from various experiments. Superhero founders are also very networked in their respective domain and truly step up and start shining when things go sideways.

Founding Partners: Juha Ruohonen, Jakob Storå
Partner: Jussi Pyörre
Associate: Kasper Suomalainen

Investments Per Year
2015: Maplet
2016: Creagent, Leadfeeder, Sportacam, Custobar, Flowplayer, Dripit, Top Hatch, Voyaxes, Arilyn
2017: Zadaa, Arctic Robotics, SenzoIT, Singa, Neverthink, Vibecatch, Valohai
2018: Steerpath, Codescoop, Adesante
2019: Fractory, Dixu

Our Superhero Investors
Public sector: 30%
Pension companies: 25%
Insurance companies: 5%
Banks: 8%
Corporate investors: 10%
Family offices: 3%
Private individuals: 14%
Foundations and donations: 3%
Superhero GP: 2%

All of our LPs, our investors, are from Finland except one from the US.
Reporting to our LPs is done according to Invest Europe's Investor Reporting Guidelines.
Superhero Capital is fully owned by its key personnel.

Contact for media
Kasper Suomalainen